Cash Conversions

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Larry Otto, MPGA Member

When explaining all of the advantages of propane to fleet managers, you cannot leave out the most advantageous opportunity of them all.

For the second year in a row  the Michigan Propane Gas Assocation is offering $1,000 worth of rebates to fleet owners that convert their fleets to Autogas. Larry Otto, an MPGA explains why they offer such a great deal for switching to Autogas.

“We are committed to a cleaner, more economical option for fleet owners. That is why our association is offering $1000 rebates to Michigan propane customers that are looking to upgrade to vehicles and lawn mowers with engines that run on propane.”

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Michigan Autogas in the News

Who is Doing these Conversions and Why?

Michigan’s Leading Conversion Companies include Stanford, Roush, Icom and for facilities there’s IPS Industrial.

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Ronny Martinez, ICOM

Ronny Martinez of ICOM North America explains that “there are many reasons why a fleet should convert, and it all starts with significantly lowering cost of operations, which includes low fuel cost and savings in maintenance.”

In addition to saving money, fleets would lower their carbon footprint, which can help a fleet differentiate itself from a competitor. As a Autogas retailer if you explain these competitive advantages to fleet owners, Liquid Propane Autogas sells itself.

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Michigan Autogas in the News


Michigan Leads Sales of Autogas…What?!

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MPGA’s Scott Underwood talks about the benefits of propane Autogas on Fox News

Shockingly Michigan is a leader when it comes to propane fueled vehicles.

It’s ranked fourth in the country, but things are just getting started. Over the next few years, Michigan has the resources to take the lead in the conversion of thousands of fleets to Liquid Propane Autogas.

West Michigan companies were early adopters in energy efficiency efforts, and that points to the bright future of propane vehicles in all of Michigan.

Scott Underwood of Alto Gas explains, “Pupil transportation and delivery trucks are best suited for Autogas in Michigan. Industries dealing with the private sector like HVAC, school buses, and food delivery are easy to contact and most interested in saving on the bottom line.”

As Scott explained, in todays market converting fleets to Autogas makes great sense.  By utilizing Autogas, fleets can expect to dramatically reduce emissions and their carbon footprint as well as lowering the cost of operations.


Michigan Autogas in the News